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All-time Bitcoin high, original cryptocurrency surpasses $9,000 value

All-time Bitcoin high, original cryptocurrency surpasses $9,000 value

Today is a good day. Continuing a trend of success, today we see another Bitcoin high with the digital currency surpassing $9,000 (at the time of writing $9,132).

Bitcoin continues to delight those that have invested. Back in July, it was worth just $3,000, in less than 6 months that value has tripled.

This appears also to start proving Ronnie Moas’ prediction that Bitcoin will surge significantly in 2018 to reach a $14,000 value during the year. According to CoinMarketCap, Bitcoin has risen in value by over 5% in the last 24hours alone.

Bitcoin remains, by a very long way, the most valuable cryptocurrency currently in the sector:

bitcoin high

Yesterday also saw a high for Ethereum’s ether, reaching $464. The value has since dipped slightly.

A potential contributor to the Bitcoin high, as CNBC have also reported,  on Thursday Coinbase added 100,000 accounts on Thursday. The increase in accounts coincides with the Thanksgiving holiday and is believed to also be in response to the anticipated listing of bitcoin futures on CME in early December.