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The richest people in crypto: Forbes compiles the definitive crypto rich list

The richest people in crypto: Forbes compiles the definitive crypto rich list

Want to know how to make money from cryptocurrencies? You’d be a lot worse off than taking a look at some of the people on the first ever Crypto rich list, compiled by Forbes to give us an insight into those who have made it big by getting ahead of the curve with digital money.

The biggest attraction for the casual investor is the concept of a ‘quick buck’. The idea that you can put some money into a token and see it double in price in as little as a day – sometimes even less. This isn’t untrue, but the real money is made from micro trading and, while many will say otherwise, there will always be an element of gambling involved.

So, whether you want to see what could have been – everyone seems to have a story about a friend who bought 100 Bitcoin when it was $10 – or see who the major players are in the cryptocurrency game, this Forbes list will make for interesting reading.

The richest, by a long way, is Chris Larsen, the executive chairman and former CEO of Ripple. He’s got something like $5.2 billion XRP which, despite the token’s volatility, puts him way out as the leading rich list member.

Here’s the list in full. As you can see, it’s not exactly like other Forbes rich lists. This is due to the decentralised nature of digital currency, meaning it’s not easy to get exact figures on who owns what, and given the ever-changing prices of the major tokens, even the smallest percentile shift can cost these guys millions at a time.

Forbes 2018 List of the Crypto Richest:

  1. Chris Larsen, Co-founder of Ripple: $7.5 to $8 billion
  2. Joseph Lubin, Co-founder of Ethereum: $1 billion to $1.5 billion
  3. Changpeng Zhao, CEO of Binance: $1.1 billion to $2 billion
  4. Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, Co-founders of Gemini: $900 million to $1.1 billion
  5. Matthew Mellon, Individual investor: $900 million to $1 billion
  6. Brian Armstrong, CEO of Coinbase: $900 million to $1 billion
  7. Matthew Roszak, Co-founder of Bloq: $900 million to $1 billion
  8. Anthony Di Iorio, Co-founder of Ethereum: $750 million to $1 billion
  9. Brock Pierce, Chairman of Bitcoin Foundation: $700 million to $1 billion
  10. Michael Novogratz, CEO of Galaxy Digital: $700 million to $1 billion
  11. Brendan Blumer, CEO of $600 million to $700 million
  12. Dan Larimer, CTO in $600 million to $700 million
  13. Valery Vavilov, CEO of Bitfury: $500 million to $700 million
  14. Charles Hoskinson, Co-founder of Ethereum and IOHK (Cardano): $500 million to $600 million
  15. Brad Garlinghouse, CEO of Ripple: $400 million to $500 million
  16. Barry Silbert, CEO of Digital Currency Group: $400 million to $500 million
  17. Vitalik Buterin, Creator of Ethereum: $400 million to $500 million