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Nelson Mandela’s golden hands sell for $10m… in Bitcoin

Nelson Mandela’s golden hands sell for $10m… in Bitcoin

The Canadian crypto-currency exchange firm Arbitrade has bought four gold casts of the late Nelson Mandela’s hands from South African businessman Malcolm Duncan. And they’ve paid for it using $10m worth of Bitcoin.

Arbitrade are a company firmly looking to the future of digital money, and while this purchase may hark back to violent and dark history of apartheid in South Africa, it represents a golden future for the Canadian company’s prospects in Crypto.

An investment in Mandela’s golden hands

With a cryptocurrency mining operation to support their own token as well as support trading of other cryptocurrencies, Arbitrade are making a grand foray into the market. And when you learn that their Dignity (DIG) coin will be backed by gold, this purchase makes a little more sense, from a marketing standpoint anyway.

The company are keen teach the younger generation about the history of Mandela’s exploits, which lead him to become the first black President of South Africa and, infamously, spent almost three decades behind bars due to his activism in opposition to the apartheid regime.

Celebrating Mandela

“The collection celebrates not only the remarkable contributions of Nelson Mandela to humanity each year, but also all that has been done by South Africa in supporting gold and the mining industry though the years.  Moreover, our timing in buying the collection is especially significant since we are celebrating the 100th anniversary of Mandela’s birth in this unique way for the first time in North America,” said Arbitrade’s Chairman, Len Schutzman via

“It is our honor and privilege to celebrate the life and legacy of Nelson Mandela. As President Obama shared in one of his tributes to this great man – Mandela is a man who took history in his hands and bent the arc of the moral universe toward justice. In the global tour we shall be making with the collection, we will be celebrating his life, which has been a gift and a shining light for us all to remember and to follow for ages to come.”