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Cryptocurrency Courses Launch at Russian Universities

Cryptocurrency Courses Launch at Russian Universities

Five top Russian universities will add cryptocurrency courses to their schools offerings beginning in the 2017-2018 academic school year.

Due to high demand, five leading Russian universities will begin to offer cryptocurrency courses focused on blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies for the first time this year. Courses will be incorporated into existing finance, economics or IT curricula in masters degree and special programs.

Moscow State University (MSU), Higher School of Economics (HSE), Saint Petersburg State University of Economics (Spbgeu), Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT) and National University of Science and Technology (Misis), all considered top universities in the Russian education sphere, will begin offering cryptocurrency courses in the 2017-2018 academic year due to high demand.

At the Higher School of Economics (HSE), one of the largest universities in Russia, cryptocurrency courses will be integrated into the School of Financial Technologies, as part of the Financial Technologies and Data Analysis master’s program. The program was inaugurated this year in partnership with state-owned Russian banking and financial services company, Sberbank.

That’s not Sberbank’s only appearance. At Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT), Sberbank will also play a role in cryptocurrency education. MIPT, more commonly known as PhysTech, will teach the IT component of blockchain technology. According to Andrey Raigorodsky, a director of the MIPT’s School of Applied Mathematics and Informatics, “Sberbank… have opened a new scientific laboratory, where research on this topic is being conducted.”

PhysTech decided to add the course due to it’s extreme popularity and demand from the school’s industrial partners.

It seems the industrial partners have a driving hand in the new course offerings. Sergey Studnikov, who runs the runs the Financial Analytics master’s program at Moscow State University, was quoted telling the Russian Times about MSU’s new cryptocurrency courses:

“We will have master classes immediately for several programs – for this we invite industry representatives.”

At Saint Petersburg State University of Economics (Spbgeu), parts of an existing program on banking, finance and financial markets will now be devoted to blockchain and cryptocurrency.  Associate Professor at the Faculty of Economics and Finance, Denis Gorulev, spoke on how difficult it normally is to introduce new coursework at the State Universities, underlining their great achievement in launching new courses so quickly.

According to Professor Gorulev, “To introduce a separate course here, we rely on a number of formal things – this needs to be coordinated with the Ministry of Education a lot and for a long time.”

The most unique integration of blockchain technology into existing curriculum has to be at the National University of Science and Technology (Misis), Russia’s primary technological school in the field of steel-making and metallurgy. Misis and government-owned bank Vnesheconombank (VEB) joined together to introduce a center for new materials and breakthrough technologies, where students will study breakthrough technologies, with a focus on blockchain, according to a report in the Russian Times.

“In particular, students of MSU, HSE, Misis, MIPT and Spbgeu will learn about Bitcoin and other aspects of innovative financial technologies.”

As reported by the Financial Times earlier in the year, courses in blockchain have been offered by Stanford, Berkley and MIT in the USA and Edinburgh University in the UK. Universities introducing blockchain to their curricula further legitimises the technology and cryptocurrency sector and it is a great move by these five significant Russian institutions to help lead the way.