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MENU Fulfils Its Customers Wishes By Integrating Ethereum Fulfils Its Customers Wishes By Integrating Ethereum

Launched in 2011, has become one of the most popular wallets for bitcoin. Now, 6 years on, it has finally launched an Ethereum wallet.

The option for creating these wallets was set in motion on August 17. Peter Smith, CEO of Blockchain, stated that Ethereum’s popularity and customers’ requests to use blockchain wallets in order to handle several of their “digital assets” increased simultaneously. He said, “We are thrilled to introduce this new functionality to our community and will continue to find ways to make interacting with digital assets even easier.”

Bitcoin exchange, Bitstamp, and Falcon Private Bank have also added ether to their services. The latter had also started offering bitcoin services and “added support for ether” in the past.

Blockchain’s partnership with ShapeShift

Blockchain also partnered with ShapeShift on August 17. This partnership allows users to send funds to a different wallet directly, avoiding a centralised service. Now that the platform has added the exchange service, users can directly shift funds between their bitcoin and Ethereum wallets.

This move is supposed to help retail wallet users to try out different cryptocurrencies. Blockchain also implied that other business applications could also be offered in the future.

Additionally, Blockchain is expecting to examine and change its data tools in order to extend more services to Ethereum users. The launch was not intended to fulfil the requirements of developers or businesses, however, there is still a chance of making a software wallet available for them. have raised more than $70m

Ever since it launched, Blockchain raised more than $70 million venture capital funds. It also raised $40 million in a “Series B funding round”. Some of the investors included the likes of  Virgin’s billionaire owner, Richard Branson.

This funding will enable to make many future developments. Plus, bitcoin businesses will be able to modify their operations and products to integrate several other blockchians,

This news is valuable for the cryptocurrency ecosystem because users can now choose from the different options available in Blockchain.