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Apple may use Blockchain in new application for verifying time stamps

Apple may use Blockchain in new application for verifying time stamps

A patent filing, released last week, has suggested that Apple has a new application for blockchain technology to further secure users’ activity data in verifying timestamps.

The patent suggests using a combination of blockchain and a PKI (public key infrastructure) with a possible three scenarios in which the data is timestamped. One of the three scenarios suggets Apply may use blockchain moving forward.

The key part of the documentation explaining Apple’s planned use of the blockchain says:

“In [the] scenario, the new time is posted to a blockchain ledger. The new time becomes part of a blockchain when a miner solves the hash puzzle related to the new block holding the transaction indicating the new time.  Because of distributed consensus, attempted alteration of the blockchain by a malicious node in terms of the time value will be detected by honest nodes. In the third scenario, a maliciously-altered block in the blockchain will not be recognized by the device and will not be recognized by the SE [secure element] and thus a bogus time value will not corrupt the state of the SE.”

To secure as much user data as possible, Apple is planning to introduce what it calls ‘multi-check architecture.’ A little like two step identification when you login to your email, this has a two (or more) step identification to recognise, approve and store data transfer and other transactions. Another system would work alongside the blockchain. When a transaction or data entry came in, the external system would check it and confirm it before actually entering the chain.

Apple is a giant and with them stepping on the bandwagon more are likely to follow.